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Ladywolf blogger outfit

With my bangs grown out and another year of life under my belt, I'm back, baby. For over a year, I took a step back from the fashion blogging grind, opting for a mostly social media-free life; with the occasional, obligatory dog (#teddythejack) and cat (#dexterthecat) posts, and selfies that I almost always deleted soon after. Needless to say, I've been toying with the idea of quitting fashion blogging for good for an entire year. Here it is though, December of 2015, and I'm doing it again. Why, you say? Simply put, it makes me happy. And while I've quietly observed the social media trends come and go since early 2014, I've realized that I still have a voice; I am still unique. We all are. And while the Kardashians of the world have become fashion and beauty icons to cult followers with a certain body-conscious style aesthetic, I like to think that us little ol' fashion bloggers can still inspire with our own personal style.


So, how do you guys like the new blog? Take a look around, and let me know what you think! I've worked really hard to get the new site launched all on my own; with my main focus being on Whitney S W Creative (hey! that me! i take photos, style outfits for folks, build websites, etc). It's been quite the challenge to get Ladywolf back on its feet. I'm so excited about it though, you guys. I've even resurrected Ladywolf Vintage (shop launching soon) and am working on a new Ladywolf line for 2016. Without further adieu, let's plunge right back into this.

ladywolf blogger outfit
Ladywolf outfit
Ladywolf blogger outfit


I'm sliding into this new blog with a pretty laid-back, simple look. This look was worn to a food truck junction in Johnson City, Tennessee (1st annual in JC and a hit with the locals!). While I wish I could've sampled all of the food truck menus, I gave Foodie Fiction and Caribbean Grill a try; both excellent. And boy, did I choose the perfect day to wear a crisp, new white shirt, with the Bahn Mi and the tacos and such that I was stuffing in my face. Miraculously, I didn't spill a drop on my shirt, but there were some close calls. The beige knit cardigan and the red ankle boots are vintage. The black cropped jeans are BDG. The necklace is from Rocksbox. Poet sleeve blouse from Choies. The hat is from Target.


Since I've been on the down low for a while, I've been so bad at networking on Instagram. Let's be friends there! @Ladywolf


Until next time.




ps - SOOOOO excited to see Star Wars. My favorite OG character is Boba Fett. Who's yours?