Jacket Saved my Life

Ladywolf Blog_Outfit_Whitney Williams_ (2).jpeg
Dear Jacket,
How did you not come into my life sooner? I mean, I never knew I'd love embroidery this much until I met you. And while I would wear you with nothing else, I must share you with other clothing items, like these beautiful Vagabond boots. And these black cropped jeans. And this wide-brim wool hat and ring by Sophie Harper (from Rocksbox). I'll go without a shirt though; that's how close I want to be to you. I mean, jacket, I never knew true love until I met you. 
Forever yours,

SERIOUSLY THOUGH...My love for thrifting was revived when I found this jacket; so much so that I scream-whispered "LADYWOLF!" when I saw it. And since I've had this beautifully quirky vintage jacket/blazer/whatever you want to call it in my life, I cannot stop doting on it. You guys understand. To be completely honest with y'all, it was the discovery of this jacket that brought Ladywolf back to life, so everyone should be writing letters to it.