Burnt Sienna

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Burnt Sienna was usually my shortest Crayola crayon. It may have been due to my love for autumn leaves; leaves are most beautiful just before they fall after all. This vintage cableknit sweater that my mom thrifted for me in the 90's is the item in my closet that most closely matches the brown-red-orange hue. Unfortunately, the hue is a rarity in fashion, but I have always found it to be such a warm, happy, romantic color; I want to see it on the runway more.

It's finally feeling like winter here in Tennessee, so I can safely wear wool without feeling like a sweaty fool. These culottes magically appeared in one of my vintage storage bins. I must have acquired them years ago but have only just now fit into them; the wonderful thing about gaining weight! Which, by the way, I've heard a lot of "You were too skinny before." these days. Having always been a healthy, food-loving person, I believe that while folks are just trying to give a compliment, it's actually quite hurtful to say a person looked underweight until now. Being thin does not equal being unhealthy! The underweight/overweight shaming should really stop. Giving someone a compliment is quite easy. Much easier than punctuating it with an insult, don't you think?

Anyway, I digress...back to these fabulous culottes. The proportions of the culottes, resting just below the knee and with a high waist, can give the illusion of being inches taller. Petite girls rejoice! I really like pairing them with knee-high boots, like these Farylrobin lace-ups. Although, I think these wide-legged cropped pants would look lovely with tall socks and loafers too.

I normally keep accessories minimal, mostly because I spend so much time picking out my clothes that I'm too exhausted or have no time to pick out accoutrements later. So it's unbelievable when I actually have some on. Same goes for bras...Really, I only wear bra for that moment at the end of the day when you get to free yourself from the chains and take it off. Best feeling ever; am I right, ladies?! I have an affinity for jewelry nonetheless. My friend lent me this beautiful African necklace, made of brass. It's heavy and substantial, and beautifully crafted. When I wear it, I feel very important. Like, Khaleesi important. The golden leaf wrap ring is by Gorjana (from Rocksbox).

The Breakdown

Cable knit blouse: vintage

Cardigan: Tiny (by Karyn Craven) from Anthropologie -- This is the softest, prettiest cardigan and is made so well! I can wear it with anything from loungwear to a business look. Highly recommend Karyn's designs.

Culotte pants: vintage

Boots: Farylrobin

Necklace: handmade vintage

Ring: Gorjana