Sir Cuffs a Lot

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Ladywolf by Whitney S Williams_White Layers_2 (5).JPG
Ladywolf by Whitney S Williams-white layers

Cuffs: How Long Can You Go?

Tried to summon snow by layering myself in as many white pieces as possible. My white skirt didn't fit today though, so naturally, I went with black. Pretty sure I cursed our snow opportunity by doing that.

Let's talk about this wrinkled button down with the long French cuffs for a second. It's vintage Cavalli, and it used to be Gabe's. It's pretty unique, so I decided to interview him about it.

 Terrible Rider: Why are you asking me about this shirt? Are you making fun of me?

Ladywolf: No. I seriously love the shirt and want to know. Where did you get it?

TR: At Century 21 near the World Trade Center in 1999.

LW: What made you want to own this shirt? 

TR: The Perma-wrinkle thing just happened. And I needed a shirt with French cuffs.

LW: Ah, I see. Did you get compliments? 

TR: Yes. And I was a hot gender bender. I blame Bowie. 

And I thank Bowie. Because now it's mine. I've always wanted a shirt with cuffs that cover my delicate fingers.


The Breakdown

A lot of this look is vintage. The black felt-like wool mini skirt: 90's gap. The hat: from the 60's. The striped shirt: 90's.

Perma-wrinkle button down shirt: 90's Just Cavalli

The boots are by Farylrobin.


Ladywolf by Whitney S Williams-white layers