First Snow: Outfit of the Day

The other day I tried to summon snow by layering myself in white clothing. Well, I am happy to say that it worked, and it is now revealed to the world that I am, indeed, a witch. I can hear some of you now yelling "CALLED IT! Told you she was a witch." I can also hear someone correcting one of you, "No, you said she's a bitch." I try not to be, I swear!

I wrote a little essay today about my approach to fashion, if you would like to read what I really think about getting dressed.

The Breakdown

Puffy Plaid Kimono Coat: vintage (sorry)

70's porn-mustache-guy Sunglasses: vintage (I'm so sorry!)

Gold Geometric Belt: vintage (I'm getting to the ONE item you can buy. Promise)

Blue sweater: Pierre Cardin from TJ Maxx

Combat Boots: Easy Rider, vintage