The Art of Distraction: Styling Tips from Whitney

Ladywolf_Suspender Dress-Burgundy Tights_04.jpg

While it goes against a human's survival instincts, I love wearing bright, bear-attracting, colors in the snow. It's a great way to lift your spirits in the frigid weather, and it reminds you that spring will come, eventually. Today, I went with berry hues, paired with a heather-beige suspender dress and a wool coat. You can't really tell from my photos because, as a photographer, I know how to work my angles (ha), but I have gained several pounds over the past year or so. What can I say, I love cooking, and I love to eat! Plus, once you get to a certain age your metabolism stops replying to your texts and eventually puts you on Do Not Disturb, and you have to work out twice as hard to make up for it (which I've been doing, and if I'm successful I will let you guys know what I did so you can do it too). And for some ladies like me, we don't have baby weight to blame. Just food. And Game of Thrones, Nurse Jackie, Jessica Jones, etc etc. And working on a computer most of the day. A recipe for body disaster!

As such, I have been forced to change my style somewhat to accommodate my newfound curves, and this look exemplifies this shift. I've found that when you are petite, even the slightest weight gain can be appear drastic. (Yay.) And even though many people may not think that I have anything to complain about, it's all relative; and I know many of you are in the same boat. None of your cute jeans fit and you resort to the dregs of your closet, you avoid social outings until you can get your body right again, etc. It can be a very isolating feeling when you put on the pounds, and no one is there to support you if you feel uncomfortable with your newfound inches; only to say "I wish I looked like you." or "You were too skinny before." (Nope! I was healthy then too.) But I refuse to sacrifice my personal style now that my closet options are limited, and I refuse to spend a ton of money on all new clothes. So I'm getting creative with what I have and thrifting what I don't.

I do not subscribe to the idea that certain body types should not wear certain clothes. I think that's bullshit Cosmo propoganda that forces women into unhealthy choices in order to attain the "perfect body". I'm petite and curvy, and my outfit advice may be a little biased in that regard. But having styled outfits on ladies of all body types, I have a few styling tricks that work for almost anyone (SANS PHOTOSHOP) so you can keep the fun in dressing up. The art of dressing can be similar to painting or photography: It's all about tricking the eye. My goal with this outfit was to subtly mask my derriere, midsection and chest without wearing a burlap sack. The way I accomplished this is through the art of distraction. By wearing bright lipstick, a pretty cowl neck sweater and bug-eye sunglasses the eye is drawn to the face, and then the eye is led to my legs with bright tights and adorable vintage boots. My dress and coat are still there, still stylish, but they aren't the main focus. Speaking of the coat, I really love that it has this tailored look without being too form-fitting. I can wear it will almost anything. Having a piece like this in your closet can work with casual or business looks.

In closing, even if your body is changing (losing weight, gaining weight, or your body shifts in a way you never could have imagined), you can still wear clothes you love. Just try to stay positive knowing that other women are in the same boat, and if you find that your favorite clothes don't fit, try to thrift replacements or learn some basic sewing skills. If that still is not possible, I recommend pairing some of your less-favorite pieces with stand-out "distractions". 



The Breakdown

Round Oversized Frosted Clear Sunglasses: vintage (60s)

Muted Pink Turtleneck Blouse: vintage (70s)

Structured Wool Coat: Dresslink

Pinafore Ribbed Knit Suspender Dress: vintage (90s)

Bright Berry Tights: We Love Colors (very well-made. Highly recommend!)

Burgundy Ankle Boots: vintage Etienne Aigner


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