Same Coat, Different Look

Today I'm wearing the same coat I've been wearing for probably two weeks straight because it goes with everything. It can turn even the most bla·sé outfit into an #ootd worth photographing. And you really cannot beat the price for a wool blend coat that is lined and well made (right now, just over $10 on Dresslink).

I've had this Diesel sweatshirt since 2001 (what is that, 15 years?!), and it still looks brand new. Love its muted green hue and the high neckline. It's perfect for refined sporty looks.

Just got these gorgeous boots from Ralph Lauren. They were on sale and a half size too small, but when I tried them on they fit perfectly. Meant to be. Wasn't the Ralph Lauren Fall Winter 2016 Collection glorious? His use of brown hues and metallics blew me away. You should go to just to see the video on the home page. Definite website design goals (part of what I do for a living, so I'm allowed to geek out).

Okay, on to the necklace from By Invite Only. You may have seen this before on my blog because it's one of my favorite pieces of handcrafted jewellery. The founder of By Invite Only, Trixie Khong, is uber-talented and self-taught! You should buy her jewelry. That is all.

My eyeglasses are from Polette, and right now I'm hosting a Polette Eyewear giveaway. Get your buns over to this page to ENTER TO WIN A PAIR OF POLETTE GLASSES OR SUNGLASSES!

The Breakdown

Round Gold Glasses  Polette Eyewear

High-Neck Sweatshirt  Diesel

Wool Blend Coat  Dresslink

Sweatpants  Target

Moto Buckle Boots  Ralph Lauren

Amethyst Geode Necklace  By Invite Only