To-die-for style: Heathers

There's only one thing more irresistible than Veronica's (played by Winona Ryder) quick wit and homicidal tactics- her killer style. Without the pull of looking normal, outcasts like Veronica have the freedom to throw together whatever they want and dress according to mood and not to get the hot guy to look their way.

How to get Veronica's anti-Heather look:

  • Throw together baggy tees with flirty pleated skirts.
  • Wear only a supersized patchwork floral and polka dot blazer over black tights.
  • Sport a stark cropped military blazer with a matching skirt.
  • (my favorite) Ultra oversized tuxedo vest worn as a mini dress over a short-sleeve polo shirt and black footless tights.

"Veronica, you look like hell.

Yeah? I just got back."