DIY Friday | ankle boots to booties


I have these vegan ankle boots that I really love by Breckelle's (a label that makes all vegan shoes and simulates leather flawlessly), but I had a problem with the height; It is a little bit unflattering and shortens even long, thin legs. I really did not want to just sell these or give 'em to the local thrift store (mainly because I didn't want someone else to experience the same dilemma). Solution: dive in and cut the suckers!

NOTE: I would not try this on leather shoes.

Have a similar vegan lace-up boot that has an unflattering height? Here's a way to fix 'em.


1- measure each boot from the floor to the height you wish to cut

2- when cutting around, make sure you do not cut the heel form/frame of shoe. If you do, you'll end up with shoes that aren't wearable.

3- if there's a zipper, just cut the entire zipper out by it's cloth frame and just leave the outer flap (you can add a button or hook-and-eye later)

4- tie the laces into a bow and then cut the excess

5- add a button or hook-and eye to the inside top of the section that is missing the zipper

6- finish off the exposed material with some leather trim or ribbon by gluing or sewing to the faux-leather (careful not to sew the lace-up section together) OR finish off the exposed area with clear glue (like I did) for a rugged look


7- If you've got enough excess material leftover, try making some killer lace-up gloves. All it takes is finishing off the edges as done in step 6 and then adding hook-and-eyes as connectors. Make sure to cut a hole for the thumb!


Not sure how many of you will have shoes that are as easy to work with as these, but if you've got some vegan ones, give it a shot!