wishing well shoes


For my Black Magick-themed lookbook shoot for Ladywolf, I wanted to customize some boots to give them a gypsy/witch-like feel. The first thing that came to mind was something shiny, yet timeless. I recalled a large round rock that my mom covered with pennies and put in the garden when I was a child; I would always stare at it and was convinced it had magical powers. So I doused these platform ankle boots (from Forever XXI) in pennies all Abe-side up (for good luck, maybe?), and I then threw in some beads and various charms from some of my favorite pieces of vintage jewelry. Here's how to do it:

time: 2 hours, investment: just over $30.00


1-- grab a glue gun and at least 3 glue sticks


2-- pick out an assortment of beads, charms and gems. And don't forget your pennies.


3-- find some shoes that are faux-leather, slightly hard surface with some texture for the glue to grab onto easily


4-- get a paper plate or paper towels to put underneath the shoes and glue gun

5-- Now, jump right in! But before you do...

When gluing anything metal with a glue gun, as soon as the glue hits the metal, it will cool almost instantly. Be careful, though! The heat from the glue will transfer instantly to the metal, so wear gloves if you have sensitive fingers.


I start at the toe. Place the penny on the shoe and eyeball where it will go.


7-- Put a dollop of glue directly on the shoe and then put the penny on immediately. Make sure to press the penny down as much as possible.  NOTE: You really don't want to compromise the structure of the toe of a shoe. Otherwise, your feet will end up looking deformed! So, make sure to line up the pennies as symmetrically as possible at the toe, and keep that symmetry as you work upward and outward.

8-- Once you near the ankle, you can be more loose with the symmetry and start adding your gems, charms and beads. I placed a large gold earring (after removing the needle, of course) at the side as a "button" and then worked around that with my other pieces, as well as more pennies.


9-- Remove strings and excess glue with an X-Acto knife.


10-- You may add a stronger glue in all the cracks after your done to keep the pennies in place better (Epoxy or super glue). As long as you choose shoes that have a hard surface, though, you should be fine. Although I wouldn't recommend dancing too feverishly in them.

all photos are taken by me.


Whitney Williams


Ladywolf Vintage