Eleventh Hour


oversized cateye glasses:

Pro Opticals

; dress: Missoni; seashell watch: vintage; bright red luggage satchel: vintage Samsonite

Just like most of you gals, I was amped for Target's Missoni collection to hit stores, but I was so busy when it came time for the launch that I thought I had surely missed my chance to grab some amazing pieces. Even so, I decided to drop by my local Target yesterday, and I was not at all surprised to see most of the Missoni racks cleared. Magically though, this one dress remained hanging by it's lonesome (the one that I wanted all along!), and what was even more magical: it was in my size! The only other pieces left by Missoni at this Target were baby clothes and PJ's- and a couple socks.

My only explanation: the dress was meant for me. And destiny made it so that no one else wanted it, yet they couldn't explain why. Or maybe it was invisible to all but me. Regardless of how it remained, I do believe it was due to forces beyond anyone's control. Magic, I tell you.