DIY: Floppy Disk Pen Holder


Believe it or not, I will be coming back full force next year with new fashion, DIY and photography posts. I know, I know. You're thinking that I'm full of it and that it's going to be another year of half-assed  updates and inconsistent posts, but I've got some big plans brewing! For now, I'm going to give you some cute and simple updates showing you guys some fun little crafty projects I made for people for the holidays.

I tried to do as many DIYs as I could this holiday season with stuff around just laying around my house. The first thing I noticed was a box of floppy disks from the 90s (Aahhh! So long ago!). My first thought was to make a gift with them for my brother who loves all things tech. My second thought was a box. Then I noticed all of the holes (meant for locking/unlocking your info) and realized just how easy it would be to drill a few more holes, grab some zip ties and turn this thing into a pen holder. Seriously, it took maybe 15 minutes.

What you need:

- A drill

- Thick-ish zip ties

- 5 floppy disk

How long it takes: 15 minutes


1: Assess which sides you want facing out. I prefer the exposed metal centers facing out to jazz it up a bit.

2: Get drillin'! Unlock all of the corners to reveal the holes and drill holes on any corners that do not have them. It's easiest to drill without cracking the plastic if you hold the disk on a table with the corner extending over the edge.

3: Connect walls with zip ties. Try not to tighten them until the very end so every wall lines up perfectly.

Bam. You're done.



Photos by Gabe and