Blue Denim, Blue Plaid


Photos by Angie Miller

Plaid shirt, Acid Washed Denim High Rise Skirt, Denim Boyfriend Jacket: VINTAGE, Wooden Wedges: FARYLROBIN

Nothing beats a good denim boyfriend jacket. You can throw it on with so many things! I'm thinking about bringing it with me to New York City. Oh, did I forget to mention that?! I'm going again with


to cover all things runway and style at Lincoln Center during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! I'm thinking about challenging myself this time by throwing a random mix of clothes in a bag and just "making it work". I put way too much thought into my outfits last time- which sort of, not really, not even a little bit, took the fun out of it. I made so many new friends with some out-of-this-world gals, so getting to hang out with them again would be divine. What about you, my readers: What do


want to see me to wear to fashion week? And don't say "Nothing." even though I


you're thinking it. ;-)