Happy 2013!


Photos by Angie Miller

mixed pattern jacket: vintage, studded opera gloves: Brian Atwood for Target, beanie and platform shoes: Target, taupe tunic: Blu Heaven, wool mini skirt: vintage Gap

I'm sure a lot of us fashion bloggers have felt, at one time or another, like quitting; Being a consistent fashion blogger who displays personal style isn't as easy as it looks. We have real lives beyond our blogs, and a lot of the time those lives aren't nearly as glamorous or cool as our photographs might suggest. For me, 2012 was about working my buns off at three jobs and barely having time to focus on the Ladywolf part of my life; I definitely felt like something was missing in that regard.

Between business meetings, slinging food and wholesome photo gigs, it wasn't easy expressing myself through my attire; Wearing functional all black outfits to photograph weddings, getting business-y to work with a bunch of men and write code for websites, and waiting tables in aprons (albeit adorable ones thanks to my lovely boss!): Aside from my amazing, exciting trip to New York City to cover Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for Chictopia, this was my 2012. My personal style was hanging on for dear life. What I discovered though is that no matter what your circumstances are, you can still have style- even if you're not blog worthy every day. It's something innate, something that never goes away.

2012 taught me that even when you're dressing for function, you can still find delight in dressing up every day; It's a wonderful thing, personal style, and the fact that so many of us have the choice to put whatever we want on each day we get up makes me happy. My challenge to my readers is to not limit yourself to trends, and


say, "That looks good on her, but it'd never look good on me." I know I've had those days, being the petite, big-butt girl that I am. Go out and find clothes that make you feel confident. Small budget? Thrift them. Can't find anything that fits just right? Learn some simple tailoring skills. Don't know what your style is? Some of us just aren't as cookie-cutter as others. Goth, tomboy, preppy, chic, boho, etc.,  I have never figured out my label, so I've decided to never limit myself to one. I change my style so often that I swear I was a chameleon in another life. And I like it that way.

My New Year's resolution is to blog my style- no matter what it looks like- and rekindle my relationship with my lovely readers, even if I have to struggle to make the time to do so. So in 2013, I'm no longer just going to be saying, "That's SO Ladywolf." about my friends outfits, I'm going to actually get to say that about my own!

Love yourself,