Beauty Inspired by Every Era

Photography, Wardrobe Styling, Makeup & Hair Styling:

Whitney S. Williams


Makeup Artist: Katherine Thrower

Assistant Extraordinaire: Jada Nave

Models: Antoinette: Megan Willis, 20's: Becca Silvers, 40's: Kristine Lee, 50's: Miranda Kyker, 60's: Moriah Haney, 70's: Serena Belva Yarber, 80's: Melanie Liebers, & Beyond: Stephanie Carter

This photoshoot originally accompanied an

article on Chictopia

. I got the chance to work with some of my favorite ladies to show you how to interpret beauty looks from past eras into looks in the 2010's. Whether you're into silent films and everything 1920's, still obsessed with Pretty in Pink, love paisley and bell-bottoms a little too much or wish you were Marie Antoinette (besides the whole off-with-her-head thing), you can be inspired by these looks and beyond today- and make it work! That's what I love so much about style in the 2010's; You have so many options, and you won't be laughed at for trying them out.

So...which girl are you? What era inspires your wardrobe and beauty looks most?



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