Work, work, work, work


 Well, hello there! It's been a minute since I've done the ol' #OOTD posts, and I'm pretty excited to start it back up. My style has certainly evolved with my career; I still get down to business creatively, but now I'm what they call a Marketing Consultant too. Fun stuff. Though, I have a long way to go in the growing-up department. All work and


play, that's what I say.

I have what they call a "big head" and "full face", so I'm pretty happy to have these oversized


sunglasses in my life. Love their classic shape too. My shoes have just a touch of whimsy without saying, "Hey, look at me and my fancy shoes." They're by one of my all-time favorite shoe brands

Esska Shoes

. So comfortable, and worthy of a #shoeporn award. My tunic (that I sometimes wear as a dress) is from

TJ Maxx

, and the purple pants are vintage.

Wow. I'm so proud of myself for writing my first #OOTD post in a while. Feels good. Let's do this again.

Until next time,


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