Stay Comfortable and Chic with these Pieces

Dresslink Batwing Off-Shoulder Sweater ($12.88)

Dresslink Wide Leg Pants ($5.98)

Dresslink Fisherman's Knit Sweater ($4.61)

All clothing above from Dresslink - Current sale prices listed. Subject to Change.

The secret to making cozy chic?

If it's not comfortable, I refuse to wear it, and that is doubly true in winter. Give me soft layers that I can easily wear to get coffee, run errands, meet clients, and snuggle up on the couch with my dog Teddy Louand watch Jessica Jones with a glass of shiraz. The trick to making comfortable, pajama-worthy clothes work in any situation? The right shoes. 

Esska Shoes, Envy in Metallic


UGG Australia, Kesey in Chestnut


COS, Leather Clad Heel Boots in black


Farylrobin (via Free People), Caspian Tall Lace-Up Boot in Natural


Avvikk, Iskko Shoe in Black (via Solestruck)

Rey-inspired Look #StarWars

rey star wars Ladywolf OOTD
rey star wars Ladywolf OOTD
rey star wars Ladywolf OOTD
rey star wars Ladywolf OOTD

Here's a little #OOTD with Acne Studios Kobe Shoes from Solestruck. I grabbed this minimalist vintage dress off the racks at my local thrift store, and when I got it home I realized why I wanted it so badly: It SO Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And it's so soft! What I really want to do is watch the original Star Wars movies and wear this as PJs and then wear it to see The Force Awakens with braids and brown leather boots. Yes. That's a great plan.

I also need to tell you guys about Solestruck's fantastic new Home Try-On program. You get to try on three pairs of shoes before you buy, and it's kind of a dream come true. It's like trying on shoes at the store, except you get to pair them with different outfits. Just don't scuff them up if they don't work for you!

Ring: Sophie Harper (via Rocksbox)

Dress: Vintage (sorry!)

Shoes: Acne Studios (via Solestruck)



Koshka + Ladywolf


By Whitney S. Williams

Let me just start by saying that I've been obsessed with this shop called


for a while now. They've got the most delectable collection of indie designs, and I drool over the styling of each look- very art school chic-meets-Parisian effortlessness. Let me also say that I'm a sucker for any print that is reminiscent of old school video games, so this dress (that you can buy at

) makes me feel like a boss, and the


sunnies add the perfect touch. I mean, this dress totally looks like it was morphed out of a Nintendo Virtual Boy video game.

Motel Rocks

dress and Spitfire sunglasses -


Platform Glitter Heels -

Photos by Angie Miller

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Koa Wood Ring from Altin Place

Photos by Gabriel Gould


Koa wood ring

is special. The Hawaiian wood possesses a delicate-yet-opulent quality that suggests there's more to it than meets the eye. This particular Koa wood ring (from Los Angeles-based

Altin Place

) combines the rich Koa wood with a titanium band; it's now my go-to, one-and-done ring. And I love taking the ring off and studying the detail of the Hawaiian islands engraved inside the band. Men and women alike will find the Koa wood ring from Altin Place to be a treasured addition to their wardrobe.


By Whitney S. Williams

#braids #koawood #ring #altinplace

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